Women’s World Day of Prayer


The combined service organised by the Aberdeen Dutch Reformed Church, Vrye Gereformeerde Kerk (VGK), and United Congregational Church of South Africa for the worldwide women’s day of prayer was very successful. Those who attended enjoyed the special fellowship, and felt that they had learned a lot.

The event opened with prayer and a welcome from organiser Estelle van Wyk.

She explained about the origins of this special day, which is celebrated in 190 countries around the world. This year Slovenia is the Writer country. They chose the theme: “Come- everything is ready” based on Luke 14:15-25, the parable Jesus told of the Feast that was organised and the guests that made excuses. The focus this year is to pray for Slovenia, but also all the people who are shunned by everybody: the disadvantaged, homeless, disabled, molested and molester, victor and victim, and the outcasts of the society.

Van Wyk also briefly gave a description of the country Slovenia, and of its culture, specifically about the women in the country.

Maria Jegels from the Congregational Church  then prayed for the needs of Slovenia. Madelyn Scheepers read from the scriptures and the spiritual dancers group, led by Maria Jegels, did a prayer dance.

Esme Finnis gave a sermon from the scripture and Rachel Jantjies prayed for the women of the world. Cathleen Kalaka from the United Mission Church performed a beautiful song, followed by a short talk for the school children, from Yvonne Frazenburg of theVictim Support Centre. Linda Williams (VGK) then prayed for the women in South Africa. The congregation sang Amazing Grace and Estelle van Wyk prayed for Aberdeen and district.

Esme Finnis ended the service by saying grace, and  prayed specific for women.

As well as women from the community, the grade 7 girls from Kamdebo Primary School attended the service, accompanied by Melanie Rheeder, a volunteer at the school. The organisers were very impressed by the girls’ behaviour and devotion, and a special moment for all was when the girls started spontaneously to sing as the congregation waited before the service started.  At the end, a child asked if she could pray for the parents, which was very touching.

The girls then left, each receiving an ice lolly, and the women were treated to tea and coffee in church.

From next year this event, scheduled worldwide for the first Friday in March, will continue to take place in the Dutch Reformed Church, but all churches in the community will be invited to be part of the organisation. Representatives from all the churches are asked to contact Margie du Plooy at the church office on 049 846 0027 to leave their details for next year’s planning.

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