Women’s month event in ward 1

The DA in ward one (Aberdeen) held a special event on Thursday 31st August to celebrate women’s month. The theme of the day was “Women- building each other up”.

Women officials representing SAPS, the traffic department , social development, health and education were invited to speak to the members of the community.  Andrew Mentoor read the report sent in by teacher Eleese Darries, as she was unable to attend. Beverley Tentenie from SAPS,  Sindy Dumakude from the Department of Social Development, and Sr Gogo from the Masikhane Clinic spoke about the work of their departments.

Prudence Jacobs from the traffic department gave an informative talk on personal development, drug and alcohol abuse.

After the talks, the 80 women present were divided into five groups, with the officials as group mentors. They discussed how women specifically can impact in these areas to improve the departments, and reported back to the gathering after their discussions.

At the conclusion of the event, all present were treated to a wors roll or hamburger, with a drink.

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