The Clean-Up Squad

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a revived effort from residents of Aberdeen to uplift the town, and one area that has received particular attention is cleaning up the litter.

In recent weeks, the townsfolk have been joined by a team of enthusiastic youngsters, under the leadership of Lotusville residents Rolavian (Lollo) Jackson, Zettie Darries and Octavius Coetzee. “We wanted to get involved to do our bit to help, as we are all part of Aberdeen,” explained Jackson.

The men were put in touch with Cornelia Cronje, who has worked with some of the local primary school children on painting and litter projects in the town. At the end of last month, Jackson and his friends recruited 24 children from Lotusville. They met up with Cronje and fellow anti-waste warrior Ian Reed on a Saturday morning, and spent several hours cleaning the streets in the centre of town. The children were thrilled to each be given a warm hand-crocheted beanie, donated by a group of Reed’s friends in Durban.

Last Sunday, Jackson took most of the children to work on one of the traffic islands, clearing up litter and repainting the kerbstones.  Each child proudly wore a reflective safety vest, provided by the men. Cronje brought along white paint and brushes, and after sweeping away the dust, the children set to work. Meanwhile, Darries took a small group of younger children to the centre of town, where they collected several bags of litter.

As well as the obvious benefits of the litter being cleared, Jackson explained that they also wanted to give the children something positive to do, to keep them from just wandering the streets. The team spirit and sense of achievement experienced by the children was clear to all who watched them work, as was their delight at the simple reward of a sucker and personal word of thanks at the end of the day.

Donations towards the renewal project can be made to Wilhelm van der Vyver Trust, ABSA, account number 4073811959, using reference AH 0039.

 “We are thrilled that the Lotusville men have joined in our mission to clean the town and educate the youngsters,” said a delighted Cronje.

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