Residents’ cleaning team in Aberdeen

The first clean-up event for Ward 7 and Revivify Aberdeen took place on last Saturday, assisted by some members of the Garden and Social Club.

Cleaning up Aberdeen (and this means all the different suburbs and not only town centre) is a priority for the Revivify campaign, and indeed for the community as a whole. “A clean town creates a renewed sense of pride among residents” explained Archibald Norval, one of the founders of Revivify.

The first volunteering helping hands clean-up crew were out in Aberdeen to pick up litter in town, by doing so supporting the health of the community. There is a need for groups like this because of the lack of service delivery by the proper authorities, but members of the group stress the need to work together with the local community and municipality to share the idea with all the people of Aberdeen. Ward Councillor Rudy Jacobs was one of the organisers, publicising the campaign, and certainly did his fair share of getting “down and dirty” cleaning furrows!

The area tackled in the first session included the blocks in front of Foodzone and USave, the empty lot next to Foodzone, and the furrow from the butchery to the road. The volunteers also cleaned the area outside the Aberdeen Club, and along Rabie Street all the way to Aalwynhof.

Some casual labourers, arranged and paid for by one resident, cleaned the building detritus and rubble near the supermarket on the corner of Grey Street.

One of the people working that day expressed her disappointment that so few people had turned up to help, although some who were unable to attend supported in other ways with donations of black bags and cooldrink for those working. A major cause of frustration was that the furrows outside Foodzone and Usave were so dirty, with a great deal of litter causing both an eyesore and health hazard.

Saturday’s helping hands clean-up crew was small but did amazing work. The litter that was collected filled 25 refuse bags: “Imagine what a few more of these clean-up crews could do to clean up all the suburbs of Aberdeen” said Norval wistfully!

Walking along the streets to pick up litter along the way gave some the opportunity for chatting and mingling with pedestrians and residents sitting on their stoeps, as a useful but informal way to meet the town dwellers. Others had a rather more mucky time, ankle deep in water and picking up used condoms from the furrows!

The next clean-up day will take place on Saturday 11 May. All residents of ward 7 and ward 1 will be very welcome to join in, as the amount of litter collected in the time will be directly proportional to the number of volunteers.  The meeting place this time will be between the two parks in the centre of town.

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