Biblical Art Panels

In the hall of the NGK are to be found twenty impressive panels depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments, lovingly crafted by local volunteers. These beautiful panels are a major attraction in Aberdeen, as can be seen by the comments from visitors from all over the world in the guest book.

The church hall is used for many functions in the town, and in 1999 the then Dominee, F.S. Viviers, decided that something needed to be done to improve the acoustics. Johanna Konig, an artist and former teacher, was given the task of designing the panels, using material and wool glued onto a hessian base. This soon became a project for the whole town, as many people donated materials (striped pyjamas are much in evidence!) and expertise. The project took three months to complete, and those who were unable to contribute to the creative process kept the volunteers supplied with tea and cake, thus the project became a great example of the community spirit of the town.

Two huge panels were later added in the church itself, to block out the light from two of the windows.

Visitors are very welcome to view the panels in the hall and in the church, which can be opened on request. A list of the people on call as guides is on the door of the hall, or a booking can be made in advance by contacting Estelle Snyman on 049 846 0161. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our office to make arrangements.

Some of the intricate detail in the panels can be seen below: