Architectural heritage





The magnificent architectural heritage of Aberdeen can best be appreciated by taking a stroll through the streets of Aberdeen. We suggest a circular route, starting at the NGK Hall,  that encompasses many of the most interesting buildings. Maps are available at our offices. Should you prefer a free guided tour, please contact us a few days in advance of your visit.


The tour passes several buildings of interest, both for their architectural styles and for their historical significance.





Some of the outstanding buildings are The Homestead, Carmen Villa, Greenfield House, De Denne (now Karoo Moons), Villeria, and Pagel House, all of which are either private homes or guest houses.

The impressive old Post Office building, adjoining the Magistrate’s court, dates from 1898. Built in the Arts and Crafts style, it features robust stonework, with a tapering octagonal tower topped by a spire and terminating in an onion dome sprouting a flagpole! Allegedly the building was intended for Grahamstown, and according to some sources, the builders mistook Aberdeen for Grahamstown – ¬†others suggest that the builders just decided that they had come far enough!