NGK bazaar


This year’s annual Thanksgiving Bazaar at the Aberdeen Dutch Reformed Church proved to be a very enjoyable experience for all who attended.

Before the Bazaar was officially opened, prayers were held in the church itself for rain, and for relief from the drought. About 50 people attended this, and Dominee Abe Beyers expressed his gratitude to those who attended.

This meant that the doors to the hall were not opened until the official opening time of 10am, by which time there was quite a crowd of people who had arrived early to catch the bargains!

The frozen meat table was laden with produce, and queues soon formed as people waited patiently to pay for their purchases. Others made a bee-line for the puddings, which included some more unusual offerings this year. Cakes and biscuits were snapped up, and the tables in the middle of the hall were soon filled with groups of friends enjoying a cup of coffee and snacks from the café.

It was a treat to see all the farm fresh vegetables, which are generally hard to come by in the town.

The smell of the freshly-cooked braai meat proved irresistible, and many were seen buying large containers full of cooked meat to take home. For those who enjoy spicy food, the tasty curry and rice was a real treat.

Younger visitors were catered for with a children’s table, with colourful crackers, popcorn and small packets of sweets.

Financially, the Bazaar was a great success, with a considerable improvement on the previous year despite the drought and difficult conditions for the farming community. Ds Beyers would like to thank all those involved in the organisation and who donated goods, as well of course as the members of the community who came out in droves to support the bazaar on the day.

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