Mielies donation for farmers


Some 38 Aberdeen farmers were thrown a small life line last Wednesday when three links of mielies arrived for them, made available by the Department of Agriculture.

After making application for assistance for drought aid in March 2018, and the intervention of Agri EC who negotiated with the Department to assist the farmers, the aid eventually became a reality.  A total of six links were sent.  Farmers from Aberdeen, Willowmore, Rietbron and Steytlerville were all recipients of this assistance. 

The beneficiaries would like to thank Agri EC and the Department of Agriculture for coming together to assist the farmers.  These areas are still reeling due to the effects of the prolonged drought, and it is hoped that more assistance for these farmers will be forthcoming.

It is of concern that, although funding has been made available by National Government for drought relief, it is not reaching the farmers in need.

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