Laptops at Luxolo

Thanks to the initiative of senior teacher Christo Frazenburg and Community Education and Training (formerly ABET) computer teacher Henry Mintoor, Luxolo Intermediate School in Aberdeen has been a beneficiary of Vodacom’s programme to provide computers to rural schools.

The school was been given 21 laptops for its computer centre –one for the teacher, and 20 for learners. Mintoor volunteered to work, without pay, with the learners.

As most of the classes have 40 or more learners, it was decided to run a programme in the afternoons, for learners from grades 7, 8 and 9 to work on the laptops in small groups. Mintoor started by teaching the learners some basic computer theory, and they are currently working on creating word documents.

The grade 9 learners have already typed assignments for history- while in many schools this is the norm, it is a first for an Aberdeen school to have this facility for the learners.

“We are helping our learners embrace the fourth industrial revolution of technology,” explained Frazenburg proudly. “If we don’t do this, the school and the learners will be left behind,” added Mintoor.

Several of the children do have access to a laptop at home, but most admitted to only using them for games, or the internet. Grade 7 learner Owam Dumakude shared her excitement and interest in the course. “We are learning to underline words, and change the colour today,” she said. “I didn’t know how to type and do this before we started the lessons.”

The children are working towards a qualification accredited by Umalusi, and have to complete a portfolio of work, and write exams.

The Rupert Foundation has agreed to provide internet connectivity for the school, which will enable the learners and teachers to make even more use of the facility. Principal Jan Mathiale added that the school has applied to Vodacom again, in the hope of receiving more laptops so that each child in the class can work individually.

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