Kamdebo Primary Diploma Ceremony

Despite loadshedding, the annual Diploma Ceremony for Kamdebo Primary learners went off smoothly last Friday with over one hundred learners receiving recognition for their achievements.

Cream of the crop was Urnestine Jantjies in grade 7A, with diplomas for seven subjects, and the trophy for the top achiever in grade 7.

Musical items were interspersed amongst the main business of the day, and the choir excelled itself this year with a perfect rendition of a moving hymn, accompanied by members of the recorder group.

The handing over of diplomas was performed by the class teachers, with gold, silver and bronze medal winners in each class in the foundation phase. In the rest of the school, the top three learners per year were recognised, as well as those with outstanding results in each learning area.

The following learners were awarded gold medals:

Grade 1: Zahra Naeem, Bruneshia Lewies, and Jeandre Andrew

Grade 2: Granton de Jager, Rolen Booysen, and Elvina Flippies

Grade 3: Amy Kalaka and Chriswudine Wit.

Grade 4: Ezra Jacobs

Grade 5: Amber de Jager

Grade 6: Maurizio de Jager

Grade 7: Urnestine Jantjies.

Top achievers grades 4-7 Ezra Jacobs, Amber de Jager, Maurizio de Jager, Urnestine Jantjies

The learners who had participated in various cultural activities were also acknowledged, including the WOW spelling competition and the Junior Landcare event.

Top sports girl was Roelene de Klerk, who gained provincial colours for shotputt when she represented the Eastern Cape at the South African Schools championships earlier this year. Breyton Prins won the award for the top rugby player.

The school was very grateful for the loan of a generator for the sound system, which was used for the musical items but unfortunately could not turn the ceiling fans. There was great relief for all when the power came back on soon after 11am!

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