Hannelie’s 50th

Hannelie van der Westhuizen, well known to Aberdeen residents as the proprietress of the popular Kamdebo Stal, reached her milestone 50th birthday on 7th September. Whilst a 50th birthday of itself is not an unusual or particularly difficult target to reach, what made Hannelie’s celebration newsworthy was the fact that close to 130 people joined her for the party!

More than half of the guests had travelled for many hours to come to Aberdeen for the birthday celebrations last weekend, including about fifty family members from as far afield as Groot Marico in the North West province and Cape Town.

The birthday dinner was held at the Aberdeen Club, which was beautifully decorated in true Karoo style by Hannelie’s son Dirk, assisted by her sister Rietta. The meal started with a bread table with an assortment of spreads, which was followed by Karoo lamb chops and boerewors with hot vegetables and salads. The meal was rounded off with a selection of sweet treats.

Another noteworthy event is that Hannelie herself did most of the catering, with a little help from some close friends. She is well known locally for her baking, and in the five years since she has been running the Padstal (as it is known locally) she has gained a reputation in particular for the traditional boerekos menu served on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Hannelie was born in Rustenburg, but moved with her family to a farm in Skuinsdrift in the Groot Marico area in the early 1970s when she was a young child. She moved to Aberdeen in 2006 with her husband and sons, when her husband bought the local Verspreiders supermarket, and in 2012 she brought her culinary talents to the Padstal.

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