George Ngeju retires

Well-known Aberdeen teacher George Ngeju retired at the end of last year after 22 years and 10 months at Aberdeen Secondary School.

Ngeju, who celebrated his 60th birthday last September, started his schooling at Luxolo Intermediate School in Aberdeen, completing his high school education in Queenstown. He worked for in the construction industry for Murray and Roberts for five years before deciding on his vocation as a teacher, and then studied at the Cape College of Education at Fort Beaufort. He obtained a senior primary teaching diploma in 1992, and later studied further during his time at Aberdeen Secondary through the University of Pretoria and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

After qualification, Ngeju did casual work for three years, then was appointed to Aberdeen Secondary in 1995 to teach Life Orientation, which he did until his retirement. He was the school’s treasurer for the last ten years.

He has no plans to leave Aberdeen, and said that he is still “full of energy” and would be very willing to help out at the school as and when needed.

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