generous donation allows for spays in Aberdeen


Thanks to a generous donation from a lady in Gauteng, Camdeboo Sterilisation Initiative (CSI) in Graaff-Reinet was able to sponsor a sterilisation campaign in Aberdeen last week.

Dr Hildidge Beer and Sr Hilda Mills from EberVet pet care group in Cape Town spent two days in Aberdeen, and during that time, 37 dogs and 19 cats were sterilised at the Sopkombuis in Lotusville.


The local arrangements were all made by Maureen MacAndrew and her team from CARE, and a great deal of work was needed behind the scenes leading up the event as well as on the days concerned. Maureen would like to thank Manfred Hansen for transporting the dogs and cats to and from the venue, Val Denham and Zola Miller for administrative duties and general assistance, Ursula Snydert who helped at the pre-op tables and Wilfred Deysel for his invaluable assistance in field work and identifying the needy animals in the townships. The gentle strength of Andries Williams was also greatly appreciated.


One man, Anthony Frolick, brought his dog for sterilisation, and then stayed on and volunteered his help – those present were very grateful for this, as he was able to manage the few aggressive dogs with confidence. He has now been recruited as a member of the CARE team for future projects.

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