Garden club Christmas party


On Thursday 6 December, 26 members of Aberdeen’s Garden and Social Club got together for a wonderful year-end Christmas lunch at the Aberdeen Club.

The function was organised by outgoing chairlady Estelle van Wyk with David Millar and Meredith Kraut, and the attention to detail that the trio has shown throughout the year was brought to a fitting conclusion with this meticulously-planned event.

Guests were welcomed with a choice of two fruit punches, and Estelle’s festive rustic table decorations were set off beautifully by the black tablecloths. Christmas carols played softly in the background, adding to the atmosphere.

The business part of the event was dealt with swiftly at the beginning, as Estelle gave a summary of events through the year. In her bilingual report, she was proud to add that the club is one of the few that comprises both English – and Afrikaans-speaking members. She was pleased to report that the club is in a healthy financial position, and was able to sponsor the venue hire and meat for the Christmas lunch. After thanking those who had helped her throughout the year, she in turn was thanked for all she has done for the club, and especially for her willingness to step in and take over at the last minute.

As Estelle was not available to stand for 2019, nominations were taken for the post of chairperson, and votes were counted whilst the guests tucked in to the tasty range of starters. It soon became clear that nobody was prepared to take on the reins on their own, so a committee, consisting of Judith Dardis, Jadre Lategan, Marianne Meijer, David Millar, and Sonette Muller, was tasked with combining their skills and energy to produce a programme for 2019. As one member was heard to remark,  ”Estelle will be a hard act to follow”!

Members were treated to little gifts, handmade by Jadre Lategan and Sonette Muller, and some lucky draw prizes were handed out.

The socialising and eating then began in earnest, and the varied selection of meats and salads, followed by festive desserts, reflected both the care in choosing the menu, and the willingness of all members to contribute a specified dish towards the feast.

Planning is already underway for next year’s meetings, with confirmed dates for a visit to the pop-up Ginger Beer Garden restaurant at Aberdeen Self Catering on 17 January, and a farm outing to Oudedrift on 14 February. Prospective members are welcome to contact Judith Dardis on 084 591 7301 for more information.

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