Garden Club Christmas party

Last Friday evening the members of the Aberdeen Garden and Social Club held their final meeting for the year.

Host Judith Dardis gave an overview of the events during the year. There were only two trips out of Aberdeen, to very contrasting farms. Harold and Catherine Steven-Jennings are fortunate to have water, and shared their passion for holistic gardening. Dickie and Colleen Ogilvie, on the other side of Aberdeen, shared their experiences of the grim realities of the current drought. Both visits were very thought-provoking.

Armchair travelling was also experienced, with Dick and Estelle van Wyk sharing the magnificence of the Sheikh Zayed Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and Sonette Müller ‘transporting’ the group to Hong Kong with tales of her recent visit.

The inclusion of “Social” in the name, due to the scarcity of gardens to visit during the drought, led to some other interesting meetings, on such diverse topics as making doughnuts and recycling. The year started with a High Tea, and on other occasions, members enjoyed pancakes, and a braai.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people willing to host ‘garden’ meetings, as there are very few gardens because of the drought,” explained Dardis, adding that most farmers are too busy feeding stock to host visitors. The way forward for the Club will be discussed at the first meeting next year.

After the business part of the evening was concluded, members and guests enjoyed a magnificent feast, made possible by contributions from many of those present. The spacious stoep and garden at the Dardis home was lit with festive lights, and the Christmas carols playing in the background set the scene for a wonderful evening for all.

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