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Close to twenty people braved the bitterly cold weather and gathered at the home of Tony and Judith Dardis last Thursday for the August meeting of Aberdeen’s Garden Club. The couple are relative newcomers to Aberdeen, but have quickly become involved in the community, and were very willing to share their rather unusual areas of interest.

After the introduction, Tony shared his knowledge and experience of his hobby of brewing beer. He showed all the equipment that is used, and demonstrated how the concentrate is mixed and heated before being placed in a fermenter to brew. After about two weeks, the beer is then ready to drink, and will keep (in glass quart bottles) for several months – if it has not been drunk by then! An interesting fact they he has noticed is that the beer takes longer to brew in Aberdeen than when they lived in Johannesburg, and their only conclusion I that the different altitude probably is the cause of this. Tony gets his ingredients from Johannesburg, and brews five different types of beer. Three of these were available for tasting, and much appreciated by those who sampled them. There was great interest shown in the talk and demonstration, and a few people have already apparently approached him for help in getting started with brewing for themselves.

Judith then took to the floor and shared her passion for the benefits of reflexology, touching on the history and methods, and concentrating on the benefits. She emphasised that reflexology does not cure ailments, but aims to aid the body to heal itself. It can bring relief from a variety of symptoms, and is particularly valuable for stress relief. She also spoke a little about reiki and massage in general, and although reiki is subject that few of those present knew much about, there was a great deal of interest in this treatment, and it is proving to be a very popular therapy. Her passion for the subject was very clear to those present, and her professionalism and expertise was obvious to all.

After the talks, everyone enjoyed some delicious home- made soups, served with bread and croutons, as well as other savoury snacks.

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