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After many craft activities and outings, this week Aberdeen’s Garden and Social Club went back to their “roots” with a visit to a compact but beautiful garden in Aberdeen.

The enclosed garden of Rabie and Almarie Gericke, hidden away in Cathcart Street behind high walls, revealed an interesting small garden, complete with a sparkling pool for relaxation during the hot summers.

The garden contains a profusion of wild garlic, creepers and roses, and Rabie gave a short but informative talk on the improvements and changes he has made since moving to the house. There were many questions from the members, not only on the development of the garden, but also about the pool and the maintenance required to keep it in such pristine condition.

Chairlady Estelle van Wyk then gave a most interesting talk on indigenous weeds, which included many samples of weeds carefully bagged and presented with information on each specific species. She emphasised the symbiotic relationship of the weeds, and enlightened the members to the health benefits of different varieties. Who knew that the humble dandelion is full of vitamin C, and minerals including iron, magnesium and calcium? Most weeds are in fact edible, and can add a tang and health boost to a salad. One long-time member was so impressed by the health properties of the weeds, that she asked to take home all the samples to plant in her own garden!

The October meeting is an outing to Montego in Graaff-Reinet, which is already fully booked. Details were also given about a trip to Nieu Bethesda in November, which promises to be a real highlight of the year.

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