Garden and Social Club visit Greenfield House

The Aberdeen Garden and Social Club held their March meeting at Greenfield House in Aberdeen, home of Graham Ashington and Daniel Louw. The weather played along, being overcast for most of the morning with the sun coming out only by lunch time. Members appreciated the privilege of being in this luscious garden, which as always was in immaculately condition.

The meeting was very well attended, with the bonus of a very special guest, Johanna Konig, one of the founder members of the Aberdeen Garden Club.

Graham Ashington gave the members some details about the renovation of the house and his current work-in-progress, explaining that renovation of such an old building never stops. Several members drew on his experience and asked questions on building and renovation, as most also live in old buildings. He also spoke about the irrigation system they installed for the garden from their borehole, meaning that they use very little municipality water.

Dan Louw gave an overview of the lay out of the garden, with the succulent area, palms and the vegetable garden. He pointed out very special and rare plants in each area.

The members then dispersed, some doing a tour of the house with Ashington, looking at all the items they have collected that fit in so well with the house. The rest toured the garden with Louw, who gave interesting information on different plants and shared knowledge on the soil and water in Aberdeen.

Everyone then came together for tea and cake which the members provided in abundance, ending the morning in a most becoming way: high tea in a tropical garden!

The next meeting will be on 5th April at the Aberdeen Bowling Club, where non playing members will have the opportunity to learn the skill of bowling, and afterwards end the morning with a lunchtime braai.

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