Found dog reunited with owner


This beautiful friendly little dog, obviously much loved, was found wandering the streets of Aberdeen at the end of last week. A kind soul is currently showering it with love, but somewhere there must be a frantic owner searching for their beloved pet.

The notice above, with a photographer of a little black miniature Yorkie, was posted on the Advertiser’s facebook page last Tuesday morning. Just half an hour later, Aberdeen resident Natasha Groener saw the post, and phoned the contact number that was given. After being given the third degree in security questions to identify that it was really her dog, she was able to collect her beloved Zulu that afternoon.

It appears that Zulu, an “inside” dog, had somehow got out of the house, and wandered off in the direction of Lotusville. He was found by Sr Beulah Vermaak near the Masikhane clinic, who contacted Maureen MacAndrew of the local animal welfare group.  As no reports of a missing dog had come to MacAndrew’s attention, she asked local animal lover David Millar to look after the little dog until his owner could be traced. The dog was wearing a smart harness, and had recently been groomed, so was clearly not a stray.

Millar had some flyers printed, with the dog’s picture but no other identifying details, and was busy distributing them locally when he received the call from Groener. She was very relieved to locate Zulu, and is extremely grateful to all involved in the chain of his care, as well as the Advertiser for posting on facebook.

Although Zulu had been spoiled rotten during his brief holiday weekend, the ecstatic welcome he gave Groener when she went to collect him left no doubt that he was reunited with his rightful owner!

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