Fashion show for Aberdeen Full Service School

Last week, Aberdeen Full Service School held a fashion show for all the grade 7 learners. The event is held annually as a fundraiser towards the grade 7 tour at the end of the year, and a small entry fee was charged for those competing, as well as the audience.

There were three rounds for the models, where they wore school uniform, a casual outfit and finally formal wear. Whilst the models were changing outfits, the children were entertained by music and a poem by the Grade R class.

The judges this year were Cst Alicia Africa, Patricia Claasen and Talana Verwey.

Miss Personality was won by Tamara Flippies, with Chadly  Mutiwani winning Mister Personality.

The coveted Miss Aberdeen was Amelia Smith, with First Princess Amber Amsterdam and Second Princess Melandre Kombani.

In the boys’ competition, Adrian Lewis was awarded the Mr Aberdeen title, with Asley Daniels and Avian Flippies as First and Second Princes respectively.

The school would like to thank the many parents who came to support the event, as well as all the grade 7s for the effort they put into their outfits and modelling.

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