Farmers award to Capt Qashani

The Aberdeen Farmers’ Association committee decided to honour people in the community who they feel serve the whole community with outstanding commitment.

The first person to be honoured with this award is SAPS Station Commander Captain Advocate Qashani. He was presented with a certificatefor dedication and excellence by Vice Chairman Dickie Ogilvie at the Farmers’ Association meeting on 18 July. During his many years as Chairman of the Association, Ogilvie had many dealings with the Captain, and the two men built a very good relationship due to the Captain’s positive approach and consistent high standards.

Capt Qashani replied at length, stating that since his permanent appointment as Station Commander in September 2015, Aberdeen SAPS started to improve service delivery rendered to Aberdeen community, realising that the image of the SAPS had to be improved to gain community trust. He said that the Aberdeen Community had shown interest working with police under the his leadership, and was proud to say that he was always with his foot soldiers on the ground, leading by example to fighting crime.

“I cannot forget the entire SAPS and PSA members working under my command which made this community trust possible” said Capt Qashani. He also thanked the entire community which has assisted the police in fighting crime in Aberdeen.

“We as SAPS in Aberdeen appreciate this trust with pleasure and we are committed to serve our community with pride, considering SAPS code of conduct, in ensuring the safety of our community” he concluded.

Current Chairman Hantie Marx, who took over the post of Chairman from Ogilvie in April, said that he was delighted to be able to give recognition in a small way to the excellent service received from the Captain by the farming community. “It is just a small token to give credit and say thank you” said Marx.


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