Dog statue recovered

Some time in the early hours of a Sunday morning, in June 2015, a heavy stone garden statue of a guard dog was stolen from the verandah of a house in the centre of Aberdeen.

About twenty cars and bakkies were parked outside the nearby bar that evening, but there was no sign of any disturbance. It was only the next morning when the owner discovered that the dog statues were missing from their usual positions either side of the verandah. One was subsequently discovered by the main gate –it appeared to have been dropped, and the nose of the dog had broken off. Each statue weighs about 120kg, and it would seem that whoever took them must have climbed over the front gate to get in. It was the owner’s opinion that at least four people must have been involved, to carry the statue and to lift it over the high gate.

The statues are of great sentimental value to the owner, who bought them about twenty years ago, and he offered a reward of R500 for information on the whereabouts of the missing statue.

Just over two years later, the reward has been claimed. An intelligence-driven operation was conducted, and the statue, fortunately undamaged, was found on a farm in the Aberdeen district at the end of last month. The statue has been returned to its owner, who has now withdrawn the case.

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