Det Cst Kameel

Last August, Constable Elrado Kameel from Aberdeen left for Bisho to attend a course at All Saints Police College for four months. After successfully completing the course, Resolving of Crime, he has attained the rank of Detective Constable.

After several years’ experience as a detective, most of the course work was already familiar to Det Cst Kameel, but he feels that the added detail and knowledge has made him a better investigator of crime. He did extremely well, coming third out of over thirty students in the General Law course.

Kameel was born in Graaff-Reinet, and moved to Aberdeen with his family at the age of five. He matriculated from Aberdeen Secondary School in 1996, and then studied electrical engineering at a college in Uitenhague.

After working for several years for an engineering company in Cape Town, he decided that he would prefer to return home to the Eastern Cape, and made a career change. In 2007 he was accepted at All Saints Police College in Bisho, undertaking his field training in Cookhouse. After completing his probationary period in Middelburg, he stayed there for another five years, spending some time with the detective branch. Towards the end of 2014 he applied for a cross transfer to Aberdeen, where he spent six months at the police station, before moving to the detective branch in April 2015.

His thorough and meticulous investigations have led to many arrests, and last year he received the coveted Aberdeen SAPS award for Star of the Month for securing the most convictions at court.

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