Careers Day at Kamdebo Primary

The grade R learners at Kamdebo Primary School in Aberdeen put on a wonderful show for their parents and invited guests last week.

The children were encouraged to dress up, and if they follow their dreams, Aberdeen will have a wealth of policemen, doctors and nurses, teachers and Spingbok sportsmen in about 20 years’ time!

After a short welcoming address from Principal Daniel Pieterse, the assembled grade R classes gave a spirited rendition of the school song, accompanied by many of the parents and guests. Talks from the invited professionals were interspersed with songs and rhymes by the children, all greatly enjoyed by participants and audience.

Noluvo Feni, a social worker, involved the children with some interactive songs before addressing the parents. She stressed the importance of parents setting a good example to their children, and warned of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Next to take to the stage was hockey player Saloma Booysen, Aberdeen’s first Springbok, and a past pupil of the school. Her message was simple- to dream big, and follow that dream.

Warrant Officer Naude Frazenburg from the detective branch warned the children to stay away from crime, adding that a criminal record would hinder their future opportunities.

Jennet Ralawe, retired nursing assistant, captivated the children with a demonstration of the various instruments used at the clinic. She reminded them about basic hygiene such as handwashing, and in an aside to the parents, reminded them to take their prescribed medication.

Malibongwe Sigwani, a dancer, told of how he was introduced to traditional dances as a child, and spoke of the discipline needed for dance.

In what was the highlight for most of the parents, some of the children were called forward and asked to say why they had chosen their profession. Most of them remembered what they had obviously practised, with the teachers wanting to help children learn, the policemen wanting to catch criminals and keep people safe, and the doctors and nurses wanting to make sick people better. One little boy was rather overcome by nerves, and to the delight of the audience, when he was asked by teacher Janaine Pieterse what he wanted to be, he replied, “A skelm”. This was obviously more exciting than the ambulance driver he was supposed to be!

The grade R teachers, Janaine Pieterse and Petro Jantjies, were assisted in the organisation by student teacher Melissa Saayman.

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