Botter Ossies walking again

Last March, three friends who walked short distances together regularly for exercise took on the challenge of a 21km walk to raise money for charity. Close to R15 000 was raised for Aberdeen charities ranging from soup kitchens, churches, animal welfare and the elderly.

After a year, the Botter Ossies are hitting the road again to raise funds for Aberdeen. The ladies are asking their friends to sponsor their efforts as an encouragement, and each sponsor can choose where their money will go. A local organisation or project will benefit when someone specifically donates towards that cause.

The original Botter Ossies are Hannelie van der Westhuisen, who runs the Kamdebo Padstal, Umelda van Rensburg from Superstore and the Aberdeen detective office, and Debbie Barnardt, formerly of Aalwynhof and the NGK office and now teaching at Kamdeboo Primary.

This year, on 17 March, they will attempt to walk 25km to Grootvlakte farm, and the three stalwarts from last year have been joined by Lizemari Jordaan, a bookkeeper at Gerber Botha and Gowar.

Sponsorships can be per kilometre, or a once-off amount as a donation, and can be pledged with any one of the ladies. Forms are also available at the Padstal, Superstore, and Vroutjie se Koutjie.

Umelda and Hannelie in particular have been training hard this year, covering a distance of about 3km every morning, walking and jogging. Lizamari is walking on the farm for her training, and Debbie’s time in the classroom running around after 43 grade 3 children is certainly keeping her fit!

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