Bonny baby

This time last year, Aberdeen residents Athiphila Nomandla and Nellie Douws were thrilled to welcome baby Philasande Sibabale Douws to their family.

Philasande was a real miracle baby for the couple, as Nellie had miscarried during her previous two pregnancies. She is diabetic, and the couple believe that this, coupled with high stress levels, was the reason she lost her previous two babies.

Nellie’s diabetes is also thought to be the cause for Philasande’s size- he was a whopping 6.2kg (nearly 14lbs) at birth! Due to his size, he was born by Caesarian section at full term. He has continued to grow, and at a year old he now weighs 19kg. He can stand on his own but not yet walk –probably due to his size- and his father described his way of getting round as “shuffling along on his bottom”!

Despite his weight, he is a healthy baby, and his mother takes him for check-ups at the Masikhane Clinic. Every time they attend the clinic, staff and fellow patients are amazed at his size.

Philasande’s birthday was on 25th August, and his parents are still hoping to organise a belated celebration for him.

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