Abu Dhabi comes to Aberdeen


Sixteen members of the Aberdeen Garden and Social Club were treated to a slide show presentation of the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is located in Abu Dhabi, at the June meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Dick and Estelle van Wyk, who had lived and taught in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for nine years, using the many long weekends to explore the delights of the region.


The mosque is the largest in the country, and is absolutely beautiful. The members of the club were entranced by the details of the intricacies of architecture and decoration of the incredible building. The hosts also related the history of the mosque, and what is contained in the complex. One fascinating fact which brought home the sheer size of the structure is that the mosque is large enough to accommodate over 40 000 worshippers!  The main prayer hall also has the biggest hand-knotted carpet in the world.

It was a fascinating glimpse into unimaginable riches of the UAE and, judging by the response, was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Afterwards everyone socialised over a delicious tea. Despite being a cold day, members and guests were made warmer by an interesting presentation and good company.

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