Aberdeen Secondary salutes top achievers

The annual prize-giving ceremony for Aberdeen Secondary School was held in the Library Hall on Thursday 25 October.

Guest speaker was Willem Säfers, retired principal of Kamdebo Primary School, and councillor for ward one in the Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality.

Several outstanding results were rewarded, with the top learners from each grade receiving certificates and trophies.

The overall dux learner, for the top academic from grades 10, 11 and 12, was this year awarded to a girl in grade 11. Marinda Maarman received diplomas for achieving the top marks in Afrikaans home language, English first additional language, business studies, history, and life orientation, as well as for being the top achiever in her grade.

Valentino Saayman, who was the top learner in grade 12, received diplomas for Afrikaans home language, business studies, and history.

Shamier Riettels in grade 10, who was the top achiever in his grade, was awarded diplomas for Maths Literacy, History, and Life Sciences.

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