Aberdeen farmers association receives donations

Aberdeen farmers got together on a cold and misty Monday morning to off- load the second link of maize which was organised through the Aberdeen Farmers, Wool and Mohair Growers Association with the generous assistance of SAWAMBA (South African Wool and Mohair Buyers Association).  Agri EC also made a very welcome contribution towards the transport, for which the farmers are very grateful. A third link will be arriving on Wednesday for the next group of farmers.

The Chairman of the Farmers Association, Dickie Ogilvie, would like to thank both SAWAMBA and Agri EC for assisting the farmers.

Members of the Aberdeen farming community at this stage are in dire straits with the production of wool and mohair being adversely affected by the lack of rain. Stock losses are high, and in particular the lambing and kidding have been reported to be at their lowest percentages for many years.  The knock -on effect of this will affect the entire community.

It is difficult for farmers to remain optimistic under these conditions but the Aberdeen farmers are known to be a resolute bunch.  “We can only hope and pray that we receive relief in the form of rain in the near future” said Ogilvie.

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