Aalwynhof women’s day

The Governing Body of Aalwynhof, Home for Older Persons, treated the residents, specially invited lady guests, and the staff of the institution to a tea at Aalwynhof on 9th August, Women’s Day.

Amongst the guests were ladies who have been involved with Aalwynhof over the years,  as well as ladies with a special interest in the Home.

On arrival the guests were welcomed at the door leading to the lounge by Christa van Rensburg, a member of the Governing Body, before being seated at one of the elegantly decorated tables.

Christa Beyers opened the proceedings with a prayer, and then Chairlady Diane Nel welcomed all the guests.

Dr Olive Muller, the local doctor, had been unanimously elected as Aalwynhof’s first Lady of the Year for her caring service to the residents for many years.  She was presented with a beautiful bouquet by Buks van Niekerk, another member of the Governing Body.

Guests and residents then tucked in to the delicious refreshments provided, whilst enjoying socialising.

The guest speaker was Gina de Beer, a vibrant lady in her eighties, who had her audience captivated with anecdotes of Aalwynhof in the past.  De Beer spoke at length about the history of Aalwynhof and some of the “characters” involved with the Home over the years. The house that Dr Muller now lives in was in fact the original old age home of the town, which opened in 1950, and after this became too small,  a great deal of work by the then committee of the ACCV led to the building of the current Home, which took in its first residents in 1974.

One particularly amusing tales was about when she took a group of ladies to help cater at an auction on a farm. After working very hard throughout the day, the ladies were offered a dop of brandy and coke, which they enthusiastically devoured, with a refill. The next day, one sheepishly confessed to having fallen asleep on her return, missing both her bath and supper! She also explained that the name Aalwynhof was originally suggested by a Mrs van der Merwe,  due to the proliferation of the plants in the area –and that despite the somewhat “bitter” association, the plant bloomed through the hard winter time, and presented a cheerful face to the outside world.

After the speech, Kathleen Kolaka led a choir made up of members of staff, who closed the programme with a performance of two songs for the guests.

Diane Nel explained that the idea behind this tea was to open the doors of Aalwynhof to the ladies of the town, and to show them what is being done there to make life easier and happier for the residents.  The guests could also mingle freely with those of the residents who also attended the function.

Later in the afternoon, the staff on duty was also treated to tea and eats to thank them for their loyal and caring service.

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