Aalwynhof Residents get Christmas treats

Christmas came a day early for the men and women who live at the Aalwynhof Home for the Aged in Aberdeen.

Just over a month ago, local resident Nadia Holtzhausen shared on facebook her dream to collect some ‘spoils’ for the 29 residents of the Home, to give them a treat for Christmas. Her post was picked up and shared beyond her wildest dreams, and parcels arrived from complete strangers living as far away as Johannesburg and Cape Town. Many folk also made donations, and from these, Nadia was able to purchase a whole pig, two sheep and 20kg of chicken pieces to give to the Home for the residents’ meals.

She was assisted enormously by local farmers Colleen Ogilvie and Brian Geard, who helped to coordinate the local donations and publicise the project.

On Christmas Eve, those residents who are mobile gathered in the lounge, and Nadia and her helpers distributed the brightly-coloured parcels to the residents. Each one received toiletries, some sweet and savoury snacks, a new towel and other assorted goodies. Thanks to some generous bakers, a tasty spread of eats was served after the handing out of the presents. The Home’s staff were not forgotten, and each of the carers was also given a gift bag of treats.

Nadia is extremely grateful to all who helped to make her dream a reality, either with donations or practical help. The Home’s manager, Nico Kemp, thanked Nadia on behalf of the residents.

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