Aalwynhof AGM 2019

members of Aalwynhof’s board with Ds Abe Beyers:
Hannatjie Rudman, Melanie Rheeder, Ds Abe Beyers, Willemien Caricato, Antoinette Moore, Diane Nel, Christa van Rensburg

It has been a difficult year financially for Aalwynhof Home for the Aged in Aberdeen, and this was conveyed in the report from the chairlady of Aalwynhof’s board, Diane Nel, at the recent AGM.

Aalwynhof is a registered NPO and receives state subsidies, but there were several occasions during the past year where the subsidy was paid up to four months late. This meant that the ACCV, which manages the Home, has had to lend Aalwynhof money to meet the salaries account.

“Our income from donations has been drastically reduced,” explained Nel. “In the past, local farmers have been very generous, but with the drought, many of them are struggling to keep themselves afloat, and there is nothing over to donate.”

Aalwynhof is one of the smaller ACVV Homes, with an average of about 30 residents, and has an excellent reputation for care. Nel commented on the changing population of the Home: whereas in years gone by, many of the residents were fully involved in social activities at the Home, now the majority are less able to participate, and need more care. Several are bedridden.

Most of those present were shocked to hear that the Aberdeen ACVV currently only has six members. In the ACVV report, Nel gave a brief history of the organisation, which serves all sections of the community. Various fundraising and social functions held during the year were mentioned, with the main Bazaar (run by the ACVV in aid of Aalwynhof) bringing in increased profits this year.

The members of the staff were thanked for their care, and mention was also made of the Home’s patron, Dr Olive Muller, whose kindness and professionalism is appreciated by all.

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